Are you between 16 and 36 years old ? Subscribe for free to our CLUB OCL and benefit from a very attractive rate of only CHF 7.- for our GRANDS CONCERTS (Category C) !

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Are you between 18 and 25 years old, and do you live in Lausanne or in a neighboring commune? Order your Carte Cultissime and get a 50% discount on all “under 26s & students” tickets.

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The Passculture is aimed at upper secondary level students of the canton of Vaud (vocational and professional education and training, upper secondary-level baccalaureate school or OPTI). It is free of charge and allows holders to attend concerts in the GRANDS CONCERTS concert series (Category C) for just CHF 8.–.

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Ninth and 11th grade students and students in COES, VER, ACCS and RAC classes in Lausanne can order one or more tickets for just CHF 8.– via their teacher to attend certain concerts in the GRANDS CONCERTS series (Category C).

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