During the LES DOMINICALES concerts, children can participate in music appreciation activities to discover the language of music. Facilitators trained in music education host the Children’s Corner program, which includes the discovery of musical instruments, the presentation of a composer, awareness of rhythm, musical tales, songs and games.


From 4 to 9 years

Salle Métropole, during LES DOMINICALES concerts, at 11:15am (children may arrive from 10:45am).

Price per child: CHF 5.-



A discovery of the fascinating universe of the norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. A travel through time with its famous piece Du temps de Holberg, suite dans le style ancien, and along the way, a small visit to Peer Gynt and the king of the mountains.


What’s the diference between a concerto and a symphony ? Thanks to a series of musical games, children will understand the roles of the chief, the soloist and the orchestra. Then, they will discover the double bass, real harmonic basis of the orchestra.


Tchaïkovsky as well as Prokofiev have musically expressed the psychology and feelings of the eternal lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Our young ears will discover how one can translate emotions into music thanks to those two masterpieces.


The variety of tones and undertones used by Brahms throughout his compositions is amazing. Children will discover how this composer plays with all the tools he has at his disposal. Then, after his show on stage, our violonist Olivier Blache will introduce his instrument.


The brass in the place of honour ! Discovery and recognition of the tones of this huge instrumental family. Our young ears will have to build their own instrument in order to compose a common piece and make the Salle Métropole resound !


The United Kingdom has always attracted composers and perfomers. From Lully to Britten and the rock bands, our young ears will have to learn how to diferentiate all these styles.


7 minutes and a hat ! That’s the time needed to learn a song, a rythm as well as a sound effect and draw lots for a theme out of a hat. Once this four tools in their hands, our novice storytellers will be the heroes of their own fairy tale ! All along these adventures and surprises, maybe the duck from Pierre et le loup, aka our oboist Beat Anderwert, will come and make them discover a part of the double reeds family.


A special programme for a special day celebrating music ! Children will turn into real musicians for an active participation to the Dominicales concert on the stage of the Salle Métropole in front of an appreciative parents audience.